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Five years ago, Microsoft released its latest and greatest generation of operating system, Windows XP, it was the first major operating system it had offered since Windows 98 and included a variety of pieces of software so that consumers would have more functionality in their computer out of the box. Microsoft will be doing the [...]

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The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Now is the time to start planning for your party and getting things together. Along with the party, you will need to get the party invitations. There are plenty of places on the internet to get free 4th of July invitations. Some of the places allow [...]

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Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned pro, it is good form to keep your portfolio in tip-top shape. You never know when you will be presented with a dream job opportunity. And when that opportunity presents itself, you must be prepared with an amazing portfolio that showcases your skills, your style, your [...]

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The question of how to market a business depends greatly upon what kind of business that needs marketing. A gasoline station for example will usually only need the marketing of a attractive sign and theme, a good location, and low prices for gasoline. A grocery store will need the marketing of flyers demonstrating staple goods [...]

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Irish Blessings are perfect ideas for wall art in your home. This incredibly simple tin Irish Blessing sign will look gorgeous in any home, or makes for a perfect house warming gift. For this project, you will need: – 8″ square checked tin tile (available online here at Viking Wood Crafts) – Delta Perm Enamel [...]

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C’mon, admit it. MSN people graphics are pretty cool – we all secretly like them … even if we would happily spout on about the corporate monopoly Microsoft has created and “officially” want nothing to do with them. Well … you don’t have to show off your neat little people graphic if you don’t want [...]

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The Micro Stock Photography industry boasts of turning people’s real love of photography into a good steady stream of income. So if you enjoy photography then this might be a great opportunity for you. Micro Stock photography is a bi-product of what is traditionally known as stock photography. Stock photography consists of existing photographs that [...]

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From local television commercials to feature films, free weekly newspaper layouts to ad pages in glossy magazines, the abilities learned in graphic arts programs are put to use in all walks of life. A graphic arts degree can help you get your foot in the door at media studios, ad agencies, commercial design firms, and [...]

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