The question of how to market a business depends greatly upon what kind of business that needs marketing. A gasoline station for example will usually only need the marketing of a attractive sign and theme, a good location, and low prices for gasoline. A grocery store will need the marketing of flyers demonstrating staple goods at low prices with coupons, and all other retail stores will price commodity like goods at very low prices in order to market the store to get people in the door in order to sell everything else that the store has to offer. Overall, marketing of any other type of sales business can be much more difficult especially marketing businesses that provide services.

A service business such as a tax firm, flower shop, real estate firm, or even a plumbing establishment will need strong marketing strategies in order to be successful. For most service businesses the most successful way of marketing is through knowing people, and this occurs through attending community organizations, college based organizations, churches, special events, fund raisers, and other such places. The more of a community leader that you become the more likely you are to be successful at marketing your business if it is a service business.

Slogans are good for distinguishing your competitive advantage in business from everyone else in order to show people why they should give their money to your business instead of the competition, but the downside of slogans is that a business has to firmly stand behind the slogan in order to not receive public ridicule. Jingles can be great forms of advertisement if repeated time and time again in a way that trigger people to remember your business. Logos can also be very effective if they are very simple, stylish, and seen often. Overall, despite slogans, jingles, and logos having some appeal the best way of getting recognition is still through giving something away for free.

What is ideal is to provide occasional services for next to nothing or even for free to people that you know that have many contacts and people that you know will get the word out that your business is good, but the tick is to make certain that those people will not be telling all their friends that you do all of your work for nothing. On the other hand you can provide a free service to everyone that could lead into other services such as in the case of a home appraisal, a free inspection, a free design, or free consultation. Overall, whatever you give away for free should either lead into the sale of your service or it should highly promote the sale of your service in order to be considered successful marketing.

Service businesses should always focus upon attending business expos, and at a business expo a business owner could show displays, give away products, or even sell very cheep products that everyone would be likely to buy when passing buy. For example a flower shop could sell roses for a dollar and have displays of flower arrangements, a chimney repair business could have a display of a home on fire as a result of poor chimney maintenance, and a home insurance company could give away free fire alarms. A expo booth would be manned by people that would explain how your business has something to offer that people either do not think that they need, do not realize that they need, or do not know how much better your service is compared to the industrial average, and thus expo booth representatives need to explain exactly why people should do business with your business.

Advertising like in the case of newspaper, television, Internet, and radio should all focus upon a target audience, and you should focus upon something that your business has to offer that will certainly get people in the door. For example a financial advisory firm would advertise having a free lecture on how the national debt will ultimately change the stock market in the next few decades, and this for example would be a advertisement for a target audience of business leaders that are business savvy that invest in the stock market. Overall, getting people to attend a free lecture through mass marketing advertisement could get people in the door to your business in order to sell services after the free event.

Some of the best service businesses may specialize in servicing other businesses in areas that are very specialized such as law, computer programming, insurance, and accounting. Businesses that service other businesses may need to study those other businesses in order to know who to talk to and how to market to them. In other words a information technology firm that services local small manufacturing businesses would need to do a lot of informal contacting of people associated with a target business in order to know how to make a final approach to demonstrate possible services to a manufacturing business leader. Overall, businesses that service other businesses need to really know a lot about the party receiving the service because otherwise the consequences can be detrimental since the market can be very slim with customers.

What is most ideal is to always perform the best possible work at the lowest or more reasonable price while showing genuine respect and care for the customer, and if this is always done to the fullest then customers may always be happy with your business and thus relationship marketing eventually causes word of mouth to promote your business in the long run. People are most likely to continue to pay for a service if they look forward to seeing the people that provide the service and if they like the price and quality of the service. In other words just like some people will only go to certain barber shops because they know the people that work at the barber shop thus building long term sales relationships can be the best method of marketing overall.

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