The Micro Stock Photography industry boasts of turning people’s real love of photography into a good steady stream of income. So if you enjoy photography then this might be a great opportunity for you.

Micro Stock photography is a bi-product of what is traditionally known as stock photography. Stock photography consists of existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Images are filed at an agency that negotiates licensing fees on the photographer’s behalf.

Micro Stock photography agencies provide images for the public to purchase at low prices and generally sell the images through the Internet. Micro Stock agencies accept images from professional photographers, hobbyists, and amateurs, and then sell the images from as low as $1 per use.

Shuttershock, Dreamstime, and Big Stock Photo are some of the top micro stock agencies in the industry. You can visit these websites and familiarize yourself with the different policies.

Small business owners, graphic designers, and personal computer users all purchase micro stock photography for use on websites, blogs, handouts, and promotional material. Customers find this industry so appealing because of the large selection of images, ease of access, and the low prices.

Don’t let the low pricing structure discourage you as a photographer. It is possible to make a substantial income from selling your photographs through micro stock agencies. For example, if your photograph sells for $1 dollar per use and you average 10 uses per day, you will make $70 dollars in one week. This can add up rather quickly. Submitting your photography to several agencies will increase your income potential.

You can build a portfolio of beautiful images in a very short period. In order to get started, all you will need is a digital camera, a computer, and access to the Internet. This business does not require any initial investment capital or a marketing campaign. All you have to do is take photographs and upload them to the agency site.

Do not let your photographs sit around collecting dust — use them to make money online. Selling your photography through these micro stock agencies is a wonderful way to supplement your income. Several photographers have been able to make a full time income by selling their images to multiple micro stock agencies.

Micro stock photography can be a rewarding experience. It is an easy way to make a good income on line, and you can submit new photographs at any time you want to.

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